Get Koala-fied to drive!

Koala Driving Academy teaches complete driving courses in Baton Rouge for new aspiring drivers who intend to get their license in Louisiana. Through our comprehensive course for teens and an abbreviated adult course, drivers will walk away with the necessary skills and attitudes to operate a vehicle and navigate through traffic confidently and safely.

Our state-certified instructors are professionally trained for in-class instruction and behind-the-wheel direction to get new drivers comfortable with traffic laws that will put them on the road to success. We use a comprehensive curriculum inspired by our textbook, the official Louisiana Class E Driving Manual, and the AAA How to Drive program to ensure a well-rounded skill set and guide students to apply their newly acquired skills with behind-the-wheel lessons.

Our driving school in Baton Rouge offers courses for teenage drivers and adult drivers who have never been behind the wheel. Our state-certified courses are oriented to provide skills and knowledge on rules and regulations in the classroom and apply those skills with behind-the-wheel lessons in the safety and guidance of the presence of a driving instructor. These courses guarantee that students have everything needed to koala-fy for their license!